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Lifestyle Modification for improving heart condition

3January 2014


Lifestyle change has been a constant factor that has run down generations. With globalisation and modernization taking on every significant city in the world, lifestyle has taken an upward turn on the glamour quotient of major brands and luxury malls setting up extravagant lifestyles. But all the upward scales have a major downturn: it takes a severe toll on our general health as we devote more of our time into looking for further enhancements of living quality.

Lifestyle modification, in both the developing and controlling senses, are implemented into regular lives by individuals, looking for varying results out of it. For some, lifestyle modification involves getting used to a new diet that’s more appealing to the taste buds but not so much for the alarmingly increasing belly-line. For others, who have already reached the peak of this graph, it is all about putting in necessary control measures into their lifestyle to put a cap on the damage that is already being done to their health. For the ones eyeing the upward transitions, lifestyle modification is not every bit of concentrated and focused effort into changing their ways of living, but is more of an automatic and gradual process that self-implies itself on the people.

But for all those who have felt the hit of designer and luxury lifestyle, they have definitely felt the need for somewhat reverting back to their original ways of living. Measures of restraints are necessary for undertaking a lifestyle modification initiative under such lucrative surroundings of minimal physical labour and maximum comfort. Leading the priority charts everywhere are a number of factors, but one common recommended factor for everyone who do not have any orthopaedic ailment is to use stairs, whenever that is possible, in place of elevators. They also include controlling sugar intake on a regular basis. On the Lifestyle and Wellness section of MedIndia’s Health Network website, articles and suggestive tips on lifestyle modification include both of these points. “Escalators save time and effort, agreed. But opting for stairs can protect you from deadly ailments in the long run. Climbing stairs is actually a workout in itself. It is a high intensity exercise promoting cardio-respiratory benefits, which is free of cost and easily accessible, anytime, everywhere. Stair climbing does not actually mean you have to reach your office on the seventh floor in one go. Don’t over exert yourself, rest for a minute on each floor. Then proceed again. With a steady pace, climbing stairs for five minutes can make you burn a whopping 140 calories.

The section continues, saying, “There is actually no need for refined sugar in our diet. Refined sugar is basically a form of carbohydrate and our daily requirement of carbohydrate (which is approx. 130 gm/day) is generally met by all other sources of food items.  If we cannot resist all those sweetened desserts, try those that use a healthier option, honey. Technically speaking, one table spoon of honey has more calories than table sugar but since it is much sweeter than table sugar, we eventually end up consuming lesser calories. Also, wherein, table sugar is all “empty calories”, honey is full of minerals and vitamins.

Lifestyle modification, for the healthier turn, is not a difficult affair at all. On the contrary, if the proper changes are taken at the proper moment, they may go on to save people from numerous diseases in future, myocardial infarction and diabetes mellitus being just two of the most common names.

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