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Coronary Angiograph (over 10000), Coronary Angioplasty (over 2500), Pace maker implantation (over 2500) and Peripheral angioplasty (over 50)

Message from Dr. P.K Hazra

interventional cardiologist in kolkataHeart disease is no laughing matter.In fact it is quite common today with excessive levels of stress involved in our daily lifestyle. What is key is raising awareness about this disease and regular monitoring in order to keep a check on the health issues that lead to heart disease.

In all my years of practice as a heart specialist and through my teaching tenure, I’veĀ  found that patients have several queries pertaining to their condition and feel helpless in their fear of the unknown. I hope to reach out to many others through this forum and provide them with appropriate information to the best of my ability.

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3 December 2014

Angioplasty and Heart Attack

Dr. Prakash Hazra, Interventional Cardiologist & HOD Cardiology Dept., AMRI (Dhakuria) Typically heart attacks (STEMI) are caused by absolute closure of one of three main arteries of the heart by a clot. Prompt ECG along with symptoms is the mainstay … Read more

7 June 2014

Pacemaker Care

What is a pacemaker? A pacemaker is a metallic device implanted under the skin either on the left or right side of the chest wall through local anaesthesia. Traditional pacemakers are usually not magnetic compliant. Modern pacemakers are magnetic friendly … Read more